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Resting your Ako password

This information can be found at

Military and Civilian Cac holders

All Military and Civilian Cac holders are obliged to reset their secret word with their Cac to get a 150-day watchword. In the event that you don’t reset your secret key while Cac logged into your record, the secret word will just be bona fide for 30 days. There is a most extreme point of confinement of 5 times that you can reset your secret word without your Cac, this incorporates a secret word that was reset by utilizing the ‘reset Password’ join or a watchword reset by the Help Desk. After the fifth time, you will reset your secret key while logged into your Ako/dko record with your Cac. For further qualified data about Resetting your Cac Password, click here.

The most effective method to Reset Your Password With the ‘reset Password’ Link:

  1. Head off to
  2. Click the ‘i don’t have a Cac/piv’ tab
  3. Click the “Reset” connection above the Password box.

4. Another window will open. Drop into your Ako/dko username (without the or your registration/external message address.

5. Select a choice for help (relying on your record sort you will see this choices):

Reset Your Password Using your Cac: You will have your Cac enlisted with your Ako/dko record to utilize this choice.

  1. Click “Go” and log into Ako with your Cac
  2. Click “My Account” in the upper left corner
  3. Click “Change Password”

Reset Your Password Via Email: A message will be sent to your external/registration message address. Accompany the guidelines in the message to reset your secret key. Assuming that you gain an “Error 401 Not Authorized” lapse while resetting your secret key, the reset secret word join has terminated as it was more seasoned than 24 hours. Provided that you have appropriated numerous watchword reset messages you should utilize the latest connection or you might additionally get the Error 401 – Not Authorized note.

Note: A substantial Registration/external message address must as of recently be determined to the record.

Reset Your Password Using Your Security Questions: These are the security inquiries that you have set up inside your record, and not your 15 Kba Security Questions.

Note: The inquiries must be replied in the same organization as was dropped in, incorporating promotion, punctuation, and dividing.

Reset Your Password by Entering Your Expired Password: This alternative is just ready if your secret word has terminated.

Reset Your Password by Entering Via Text Message: This alternative is just accessible assuming that you have put in your cell and wireless transporter qualified information in your Ako Account Settings profile.

  1. 1. Click “My Account” in the upper left corner
  2. 2. Click Account Information
  3. 3. Span down into the Profile Information segment
  4. 4. Sort in your cell number and Select the drop-down on your Pda supplier
  5. 5. Click Submit.

Reset Your Password After Logging In

To reset your secret word while logged into your record, you will

  1. 1. Log into your Ako/dko record
  2. 2. Click on the “My Account” tab
  3. 3. Click on “Change Password”

Military or Civilian Cac holders are obliged to log into Ako/dko with your Cac to reset the secret key. Verify that the welcome in your program’s title bar peruses, “Army Knowledge Online – [your username here] (Cac Session)”. This shows you are logged into your record with your Cac.

Do You Have a Sponsored or Retiree Account?

You can reset your secret word for 150 days by utilizing any of the systems specified previously. You are not needed to utilize a Cac to reset your secret word.

What Should You Do provided that You Cannot Reset Your Password?

You can just reset your secret word 5 times without your Cac. In the wake of resetting the secret key the 5th time, you will gain a content in red that states: “You can’t reset your watchword utilizing this administration. If its not too much trouble contact the Help Desk for further help by clicking the “Help” connection at the highest point of this page.” If you get this memo you will reset your secret word with your Cac or contact the Help Desk.

It is not fundamental to log in each 30 days to reset your secret key. You can hold up an inconclusive measure of time; you will basically be instructed to change your secret key again if your secret key has lapsed.

Require More Assistance?

Assuming that you don’t have access to a workstation with Cac viewer and your enrolled message address has adapted since the time your record was secured, the Ako/dko Help Desk can redesign your record with your present message address. If you don’t mind message the Ako/dko assist work area at In the event that you have a supported record, you will contact the assistance work stand by means of telephone for further support.