MyPay – DFAS

MyPay – DFAS

Mypay is the DFAS website for military officials. DFAS stands for Defense Finance and Accounting Service. Mypay is not only for military officials but it is for the retirees and federal civilians as well.

MYPAY  Account

To make a mypay account go to As this website is governmentally based and it is related to accounts and finance; security becomes a serious issue, so there is added security in account creation. To begin, open the website and find the ‘account access’ tab. Follow the steps to create the account by putting in your Social Security Number (SSN) first.

Once you make your account, you will be free to access your account information and tax information whenever needed. Mypay has the solutions for all such people as they provide you with limited access accounts. Limited access accounts are the accounts which you can make and hand over to any one you like to. Limited access accounts are the accounts which have a temporary password. You can make that account on temporary basis and hand it over to the trusted person so that he can remain updated with your account and tax information. The account will remain in the hands of that person for limited time being and then whenever you get back in the world of technology, you can get your limited access account dissolved and use your regular account again as usual.

Mypay now that is CAC (Common Access Card) enabled. Common Access Card. You can log into Mypay with or without a common access card. It is even easier to access your mypay account with your Customer Access Card. You just need to enter your Social Security Number and password for the first time only you use your card. After the first time whenever you open your account, you will be directed to your mypay account through your CAC card.