Ako Account Registration and Isoprep Instructions
g-3/5/7 -G3-Sod (Pr) to enroll for an account Access Ako online at this web address g-3/5/7 -G3-Sod (Pr) Click here to enroll for an account g-3/5/7 -G3-Sod (Pr) Click here to make account g-3/5/7 -G3-Sod (Pr) Click here G-3/5/7 -G3-Sod (Pr) From this focus forward, guarantee all the qualified information with the red indicator (*) is finished what’s more click afterward until completed.g-3/5/7 -G3-Sod (Pr) Preoconus voyage File (Expert File) Logically ordered instruction g-3/5/7 -G3-Sod (Pr) Hqda Guidance All work force making a trip Oconus are instructed to complete a Dd Form 1833 (Isoprep). Armed force work force will utilize the Pre-Oconus voyage File (Expert File) satisfy this prerequisite. This has an association with all military, Army Civilian, and builder work force supporting Army constrains. Armed force constrains under the Operational Control of Usasoc or Ussocom are excluded from this prerequisite what’s more will take after Ussocom direction to meet the pre deployment requirement. g-3/5/7 -G3-Sod (Pr) Expert File Survey The information entered into Pro-File reviews is exchanged to the Joint Personnel Recovery Channel (Jpra). Once exchanged, the information is used to populate a computerized Isoprep on Siprnet. Ace File is the main endorsed means for Army work force to satisfy the computerized Isoprep prerequisite on systems.g-3/5/7 -G3-Sod (Pr) Errand All work force will finish a Pro-File review as per Hqda guidance.g-3/5/7 -G3-Sod (Pr)

Conditions Prerequisites:
• A Pc running Microsoft Windows® (Gov or particular) with web access running Internet Explorer® 6.0 or more advanced in years or Mozilla Firefox®
• Valid Ako username and watchword
• Two computerized photos (see slides 10 and 11 for adequate photos)
• A workstation printer (to print fulfillment certificate) g-3/5/7 -G3-Sod (Pr) Standard Complete a Pro-File study by furnishing information in all compulsory fields, to incorporate photograph transfer, furthermore finishing at least four inquiries in no less than four of the foundation inquiry areas.

G-3/5/7 -G3-Sod (Pr) Entering Pro-File Initially: Log into the Pro-File home-page at Read the Dod Notice and Consent and click “Ok”g-3/5/7 -G3-Sod (Pr) In the event that this is your first visit to the Pro-File site, audit the privacy/security arrangement The point when prepared, click to continue with study In the privacy/security area you will find replies to numerous regular inquiries about the security of this framework, and a duplicate of the security gesture articulation relating to this project. In the event that you have awhile ago finished a Ace File review you can recover and print your authentication (see slide 20)g-3/5/7 -G3-Sod (Pr) This is the privacy/security area Government Civilian representatives furthermore Contractors note: Revelation is obligatory for all conveying regular folks Iaw Army G- 3/5/7 direction (June 2005)g-3/5/7 -G3-Sod (Pr) Obligatory fields are checked with a red reference mark (*) – the structure can’t be submitted unless they are everything filled-in. Likewise stretch that fields checked with a blue tilde (~) furnish fundamental qualified information and ought to be finished to the best of their capacity.

Photograph document criteria:
• Photo document sorts: png, gif, bmp, jpg
• Max document estimate: 200kb
• Pixel Minimum: 50×50, Maximum: 1000×1000

Front-confronting photograph might be any full-front side picture which portrays a midsection up perspective and characteristic hair shade. Caps or sunglasses are not worthy. Remedy eyewear ought not be worn. Profile-view photograph might be any side-perspective photograph which plainly shows facial characteristics and characteristic hairdo and shade. Caps or sunglasses are definitely not worthy. Remedy eyewear ought not be worn. Both photographs may as well introduce a dominating view of the head without deterrent and be less than one year old.g-3/5/7 -G3-Sod (Pr) Case Photos Inadmissible Acceptable Characteristic hair shade is needed. Caps are not permitted, eywear is not suggested. No deterrents to full perspective of head and facial characteristics. (Head confronting to either side, not front) Profile view confronting either bearing is worthy. G-3/5/7 -G3-Sod (Pr) Additional information about ISOPREP can be found at

• Da Contractors enter information from the record gave by the Hqda Pro-File execution content •verify your Uic to guarantee that information submitted is exact and up and coming
• Ethnic Group – Valid entrances are:
• American Indian or Alaska Native
• Asian
• Black or African American
• Native Hawaiian or Other Pacific Islander
• White
• Hispanic or Latino Provided that you have not been issued a blood chit or Coalition Id then enter N/a (if you don’t comprehend what one is, you likely don’t have one).g-3/5/7 -G3-Sod (Pr)
• Primary Language implies the essential dialect represented obligation purposes in current work while imparting with other Dod workers and faculty •select fitting Us Government Issued uniform and boot sizes from the information in the drop-down menu. (Citizen Personnel with no legislature issue select fitting business sizes furthermore expound this under Additional Informative content area below)g-3/5/7 -G3-Sod (Pr)
• Home of Record: utilize the same informative content that shows up in your Orb/erb alternately other official Dod records
•if relatives are expired, uncheck the container to close other fields g-3/5/7 -G3-Sod (Pr) Unique Family Situations – In case you get Isolated, Kept, Missing, or Captured, the aforementioned are scenarios that your Command may require to know to help and help your gang throughout your absence.g-3/5/7 -G3-Sod (Pr)
• Entries in the aforementioned segments are utilized to advance recognizable proof information for Personnel Recuperation Reports
• If a segment applies, place a weigh in the box at the starting of the segment. If not, box ought to be de-chosen and all sections will default to shut position.
• If you are unable to finish anyhow four of the six