How to Reset myPay Password

It is very normal for people to forget their passwords thus it is due to this case that myPay platform supports resetting of the forgotten passwords. It is a process that is very much easy to do such that anyone who isn’t an expert can find his/her way around the platform options. The Defense Finance and Accounting Service is the body responsible in ensuring that users of the system find great support when it comes to the system including resetting of passwords. More information is can be found at MyPay login instructions.


Mypay is a system that was formulated by this body so as to ensure that military members and other personnel get to access services. The online pay account management system ensures that its members get to have transactions carried out in a touch of a button. Also the beneficiaries of the systems are military retirees together with any civilian employees in the service. Before the feature was enabled in the platform, the previous system was very tedious. For those who have forgotten their passwords can have new passwords sent to their mails.


This was not a good initiative to rely because it greatly posed a problem to those people who were moving to new jobs within the service. Also those that were relocating to new locations could go through the problem because their contact information would change. This made the details to be addressed to another place rather than that of the system user. Many risks were posed by this methodology where unintended personnel could get access to the information which could make the system to be unsuccessful.


It is due to this case that the administrator decided to enable various features that are very secure. The sole purpose of the present feature is to ensure that one gets to access convenience because the process is much easier to undertake. The process involves asking a series of questions so as to ensure that the person requesting for the reset is the real owner of the account. There is an increase of cybercrime present on the globe thus it is very essential for any online platform to ensure that security is upheld at all times. Any discrepancy will result in the platform failing hence not able to reach its objective and it is due to this case that the DFAS body has taken this mater very seriously.


A person who has forgotten his/her password and he owns an account is required to click the link present on the login screen. The link is indicated in order to make accessibility to be very much simpler. As said earlier, a series of very simple questions will be provided on the page whose main purpose is to verify the identity of the person. If he/she passes then the password will be sent to the mail that the account was created with in the first day.


To enable the user of the system to remember the password, the system entails a hint system where it provides a hint to enable one to remember his/her password. The hint is not provided by the system but it is provided by the user when he/she is registering with the system. The questions that are asked by the system involves those that are asked when one is registering into the system. The answers that are provided at that time are stored and during the process of determining one’s identity, the same questions are provided. If the answers provided at that time are the same then the process will be rendered successful but if one single answer is false then nothing will change because the system will assume that the person attempting those questions is not the real user.