Army Knowledge Online FAQs


Army Knowledge Online is highly complex, and it’s easy to run into problems. If you can’t figure out solutions to your problems, please e-mail

While the Army Knowledge Online (AKO) intranet is a fantastic tool for the Army community, it is not without its difficult moments. Quite a few problems have been brought to the attention of the technicians who keep that mammoth system up and running, and, true to form, they do the best that they can to resolve the issues and make sure that the Army’s far flung members can keep in touch with friends, family, and the Army community at large.

So, here are fifteen issues that arise when the AKO intranet is used, and how to solve them.

  1. “When logging in to the AKO account previous Common Access Card (CAC) certificates pop up as choices. How can these be cleared?” You will need to open the Internet Explorer and select your ‘Tools’ option. From there you will need to continue on to ‘Internet Options,’ then ‘Content,’ and finally ‘Certificates.’ Once there you will be able to remove all certificates which are no longer necessary.
  2. “How can I change my AKO password?” You will need to logon to your AKO account with your CAC. From there you will need to access ‘My Account,’ ‘Account Settings; and then ‘Change Password.’ At this point a video tutorial is available if necessary, though the process is fairly easy.
  3. “Is it possible to use Outlook when I wish to read my AKO webmail?” Yes it certainly is. You need to go to and follow the instructions as they are written.
  4. “Is it possible for me to use Thunderbird when I wish to read my AKO webmail?” Yes it certainly is. You will need to go and follow the instructions as they are written.
  5. “When I try to login to my AKO account my browser crashes and I get the message ‘500 – Internal Server Message.’” You need to make sure that you do not have AKO as one of your trusted sites, if you do you need to remove it. In order to do this you must go to your ‘Tools,’ then ‘Internet Options,’ and then your ‘Security.’ Once there you must access your ‘trusted sites’ and select ‘’ and then select ‘remove’ and remove the window, and finish by clicking on ‘okay.’
  6. “The message ‘403 Access Forbidden – You do not have Permission to access this resource’ keeps appearing. How do I get rid of it?” Make sure that you have properly installed the software ‘DoD certificates’ and ‘ActivClient.’
  7. “I keep receiving the error message that ‘There is a problem with this website security certificate.’ From there I’m being direct to either close the webpage, or continue on, which they’re saying is not recommended.”
  8. “I have both a civilian and a military CAC, will I be restricted to using only one when accessing AKO?” Not at all. Following May of 2011 CACs were no longer required to manually registered for work being done on the AKO intranet service.
  9. “When I use Firefox as a browser I keep getting the error message ‘You are not logged in with your CAC’ even though I’m actually using my CAC.” Your best option, unfortunately, is to make sure that you are using Internet Explorer when you are using your CAC in conjunction with the AKO website. If, however, you feel that you must use Firefox as your browser, you’ll need to access Firefox and find the proper configuration for the system.
  10. “When I first established my logon for my AKO account I set it up for CAC access only. I want to change this now, is that possible?” It certainly is possible, but in order to do this you’re going to need to gain access to your account through your CAC logon. Detailed instructions for this can be found here.
  11. “When I attempt to log into my AKO account with my CAC I select my certificate and start to type in my PIN when the whole thing freezes up and I get the message ‘You will be logged into AKO shortly.’ How do I get this to stop? This is an issue with being a trusted site. You will need to refer to question number five and follow the steps there.
  12. “Okay, how do I get in touch with the help desk at AKO?” Contact information for help with your AKO account can be found at, which will give you various ways to contact the help desk, such as phone numbers and an email account.
  13. “I need to send both encrypted emails and digitally signed emails from my AKO webmail account. How do I do this?” This is a length process, so you’ll need to follow this link and follow the instructions.
  14. “Looking at my CAC information I found that my email is wrong, how do I go about fixing that?” You’ll need to go here: and follow the instructions that are listed there.
  15. “I keep trying to extract my ActivClient 6.1 but the icon doesn’t have a zipper. How do I complete the extraction?” Well, for some reason the file association on your computer was changed. The best way for you to resolve this particular issue is by making sure that you reassociate your ‘.zip’ files to your ‘Windows Compressed Folder.’