CAC Card

What you need to register your CAC with AKO/DKO:

  1. A valid CAC (not expired).
  2. Know the PIN for your CAC.
  3. You must be at a computer with a CAC reader.
  4. Have the correct CAC middleware installed on the computer. If you are on a government computer, the middleware is probably already installed.
  5. Your CAC certificates must be registered with Internet Explorer. Register CAC Certificates here.
  6. If you are unable to register your CAC using the CAC Login option, you must know your AKO/DKO Password.
  7. If you can’t get into your account, try resetting your password. Reset AKO password here.
  8. If you can’t reset your password, contact the AKO Help desk.

What you need to login to AKO/DKO with your CAC:

All of the qualifications for registering your CAC must be met.

Do you have a new CAC?

If your CAC is not working, look on the back of your CAC, at the top above the magnetic strip in yellow writing. If you see “Gemalto TOP DL GX4 144” or “Oberthur ID One 128 v5.5 Dual,” you will need to install the newest version of ActivClient 6.2. The update/install can be found in the CAC Reference Center (Quick Links > CAC > CAC Resource Center). The update/install on the CAC Reference Center will ONLY work for Army personnel. Other military personnel will need to go to your respective branches of service to obtain the update/install. If your account type is ‘contractor,’ you can go to your local IT team to determine if an update/install is warranted, as admin rights on your local computers may not allow you to update/install ActivClient. Any contractors or Army related users can also email to request access to the ActivClient folder on the AKO portal.

During CAC registration, the “CACREG” box appears asking for both your username and password

If you get a box that appears requesting your username and password, you will need to clear your temporary cookies and files (also known as cache) within Internet Explorer.  Click Here (152)to get instructions on how to clear your temporary internet files.

Don’t see your CAC Certificate?

If you don’t see your CAC certificate when you are prompted to choose a certificate, you will need to have your CAC certificates registered with Internet Explorer before you can continue to use your CAC. CAC and DoD certifications can be found here

Revoked Certificates Message

If you are getting message that your certificates have been revoked, visit your local ID card office and inform them that your certificates have been revoked.  They will need to issue you a new CAC with new certificates.  This is the only way to get this issue corrected.

“EDIPI does not match”

If the you get the “EDIPI does not match” error, contact the Helpdesk and they can assist you in clearing the EDIPI from your account.

You get kicked back to login page or Internet Explorer browser closes (crashes) when you attempt to register your CAC on AKO -or- you receive “The server at cac-reg requires a username and password.”

This is Vista specific, it may work with IE 6, and it definitely works with IE 8. Go to

  • Tools
  • Internet
  • Options
  • Content
  • Certificates
  • Personal
  • Advanced

Check the box that says “Client Authentication.” Follow the instructions in Answer ID 152to clear your cache/temporary internet files, and try again to register your CAC.

“403 – Access Forbidden”

If you get a “403 – Access Forbidden” message when you attempt to log into your AKO/DKO account with your CAC, it usually means you have not registered your CAC.  Click Here (264)for instructions for CAC registration with an AKO/DKO account. If you are confident you have your current CAC registered to your account, you can go to Answer ID 264for more troubleshooting steps on the 403 – Access Forbidden error. More information here

“Page Cannot be Displayed”

If you are getting the “Page Cannot be Displayed” error, you will need to clear your temporary files and cookies.  Click Here (152)to get instructions on how to clear your internet cache.

If clearing cache does not resolve, confirm SSL 2.0 is disabled.

Within Internet Explorer:

  1. Click Tools
  2. Click Internet Options
  3. Click the Advanced Tab
  4. Scroll to the bottom of the list and uncheck SSL 2.0

My CAC is registered, and I’m still having trouble logging in with my CAC.

Try clearing your SSL state – reference Answer ID 264.

Your serial number on your CAC may not be the same as the CAC serial number listed on your AKO account. Contact the Helpdesk, and they can confirm if the correct serial number is listed on your account.

I need to have my CAC PIN reset.  Where can I do this?

Know your current PIN?

If you want to change/reset your PIN and you know your current PIN, do the following:

Go to

  • All Programs
  • ActivIdentity
  • ActivClient
  • User Console

Under the ‘Tools’ dropdown menu, click on ‘Change Pin.’

Don’t know your current PIN? PIN Locked?

If you do not know your current PIN or your PIN has been locked, please contact your local ID Card office for issues with your CAC, CAC certificates, or your CAC PIN. AKO/DKO does not have the ability to reset your PIN.

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