CAC card certificates

How are authentications utilized with this webpage and other secured IAD sites?

While certain zones on this site are open, different zones need you to join the site with a specific end goal to enter the substance. The greater part of the substance can just be entered provided that you have a DoD Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) or Common Access Card (CAC) fixed in your browser. You don’t have to join this site to see the general population substance. Divides of other IAD online sites additionally need DoD PKI/CAC testaments for access. Express directions for joining other IAD online sites are delineated on every website. Your endorsement will mechanically be distinguished after you enroll in the event that it is rightly established in your program.

Normal Site Certificate Access Errors

It is safe to say that you are getting a website declaration mistake while attempting to gain entrance to a secured site?

Parcels of this online site use SSL insurance to assist secure our substance. Access to the aforementioned regions need that a site security testament is stacked into your browser. Different territories can just be gained entrance to in the event that you have a DoD Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) or Common Access Cards (CAC) accurately established in your browser. Partitions of other IAD online sites additionally need PKI/CAC authentications for access. Access to the aforementioned locales and pages needs both your particular authentication and site security authentication. There are two courses to evade site testament mistake contents:

Include a special case for the site (Mozilla Firefox just) or make a Trusted Site (IE just).

Import a DoD Root CA 2 Certificate (leaned toward).

While including a special case is the quicker, simpler process, you may need to rehash the methodology for various ensured DoD online sites. Importing the DoD Root CA 2 Certificate will take around the range of 2 minutes, yet it is the more exhaustive result. You might as well just need to import it once for every program.

You might see some different wires, ordinarily alarms, instead of failure wires, indeed, while everything is established rightly.

Other Common Error Messages

For guided anything but rushed techniques, download the record form of this page Loading Certificates on Protected Web Sites This thing opens as a PDF report.. This archive additionally incorporates one step at a time techniques for establishing your DoD PKI Certificate, which are not secured on this page.

Getting a DoD PKI/CAC Certificate

How do I get a DoD PKI customer declaration?

This site does not issue testaments, be that as it may one is suggested for less demanding and more secure access.

DOD PKI customer testaments incorporate 1 personality, 1 message mark, and 1 message encryption declaration, and may be acquired from the DoD complimentary. DoD PKI declarations are ready as programming testaments (private keys archived in three .p12 indexes) or on Common Access Cards (private keys implanted in CAC). DoD Contractors might get CACs if their administration supporter regards it indispensable.

In place for you to get a DOD issued declaration clients must satisfy one of three necessities:

Be engaged job, reservist, or a DOD citizen.

The client must tackle site at a military or government introduction.

Client is a DOD foreman that finishes up GFE gear.

In the event that you don’t take on DOD GFE, you will get IECA customer declarations (character, message signature and message encryption declaration). PKI customer testaments issued by IECAs are ready as programming authentications just. The IECA specialists need installment for PKI customer testaments.

How do I acquire a DoD PKI customer authentication as a Civilian Contractor?

Programming Certificates may be acquired from the DoD in the event that you satisfy one of the necessities recorded previously. You should contact your Local Registration Authority (LRA). Your DOD patron can furnish informative content on reaching your LRA. Get a “Certificate Registration Instructions”(CRI) sheet from the LRA. The CRI holds your client number and one time secret word which you will acquire your individual DoD testament. Furnish the LRA:

Picture manifestation of recognizable proof Common Access Card Reader

A marked PKI User Responsibility Form

Your LRA may ask for that you finish DD Form 2842. Assuming this is the case, please read the DD Form 2842 Instructions.

In the event that you don’t satisfy one of the above necessities, an IECA/ECA declaration must be obtained from one of the three DOD affirmed specialists. More informative data is recorded IECA/ECA authentications.

Fittings Certificates in the manifestation of a CAC may be gotten by DoD Contractors if their administration supporter considers it essential. Utilize the connection recorded underneath to confirm the closest DEERS/RAPIDS office.

How do I acquire a Common Access Card (CAC)?

To acquire a Common Access Card (CAC), contact DEERS/RAPIDS work force. To spot the closest DEERS/RAPIDS office (1-800-372-7437), visit the RAPIDS Site Locator (receptive from all spaces) and seek by city, state, or postal division.

It would be ideal if you note that a keen card spectator and middleware are needed for your Operating System to enter the CAC PKI declarations. Qualified foremen should complete Section I and have their legislature backer complete Section III of DD Form 1172-2 preceding going to a DEERS/RAPIDS office.

How do I acquire an IECA/ECA PKI customer testament?

To acquire-Interim-External Certificate Authority (-I-ECA) testaments, visit the IASE External Certificate Authority join (records the 3 steps to acquire an-I-ECA testament).