AKO Webmail 2.0

What are the new characteristics of Webmail 2.0?

http://akoarmymil.com/webmail-2-0/ Has this information. The new Webmail customer characteristics a completely coordinated Ako Im customer incorporating vicinity consciousness, enhanced secure marking and encrypting competence, and a brisk and straightforward Ako registry look, and also a rich, desktop-like interface for message and schedule, incorporating the capability to “move and customize” message wires between organizers.

At what time would I be able to gain entrance to Webmail 2.0?

You can start the new Webmail customer by clicking the Webmail 2.0 bind on the left half of the entry homepage. Additionally you can access by clicking the connection underneath:


I tried to login straightforwardly to Webmail 2.0 and it says I need to enlist in Kba. Is that correct?

Yes. In the event that you head off straight to the webmail connection and you have not enlisted in Kba, the entrance will need Kba enlistment.

I’m forward conveyed, and Webmail 2 is taking excessively long to load and work. What would I be able to do?

You can utilize Webmail Lite. Webmail Lite is a level data transfer capacity form of the new entrance message customer. It holds all the usefulness of Webmail 2 with the exception of Calendar and Im. As a forward conveyed client, Webmail Lite ought to be your default message customer. In the event that is not the case, there is a Webmail Lite connect on the left half of the Ako home page, or you can access it by clicking the connection underneath:


Webmail 2.0 Video and Pdf Training Links:



*all of the Flash movies will work with Flash form 7 and past. They will likewise work with above all forms of most web-browsers (for example Ie), as web-browsers are composed to play Flash .Swf documents. In any case, as a general run, you may as well dependably keep both your Flash and web-program state-of-the-art.

Under Message Reading Pane, Check the container in the event that you would prefer not to show the perusing sheet. Uncheck the crate in the event that you need to show the perusing sheet emphasize

Click Save Preferences