We at AKO-Webmail.net have no relation to the US Army, but want to provide users with valuable information about the Army’s e-mail client AKO Webmail (Also calledhttp://akoarmymil.com/army-knowledge-online-ako/)

What is AKO?

In the 1990’s there was a project called A2OL that was devised to connect Army personnel over the internet. This project was later scrapped and was instead changed to it’s current name, http://akoarmymil.com/.

AKO became popular during the Iraqi war in 2004 and AKO’s Webmail specifically helped troops connect through new age, secure platforms, sharing mission information, as well as the ability to speak with family and loved ones. It was the hope of the US Army to provide this level of communication and to upgrade in an informational age. As of 2010, all USA troops and members of the military must register for an account and log in with their Common Access Card as well as PIN supplied by military superiors.  AKO information at http://akoarmymil.com/ako/ Provides users with a portal to Webmail, Blogs, medical information, as well as information about Army personnel’s current missions. The official Login can be found here.

What is AKO Webmail?

AKO Webmail is the military’s online version of e-mail, and it allows users to safely and securely communicate with others through very high level security. When information is mission critical, it’s important that it be kept secure. To access your AKO login go to https://www.us.army.mil/

To sign up you need to register an AKO Account registration go to ako-webmail.net/ako-registration.