AKO Registration

How do Register for an AKO Account?

Registering for an AKO account is not only easy, but getting an account is something that’s available to a wide variety of service men and women.  People already in the Army Personnel system have the capability to create an AKO account, and these people fall under several different categories: future soldier; active Army; Army retired; ROTC Cadets (MS III and IV); Army Reserve; United States Military Academy Accounts; Individual Ready Reserve; NAF Civilian; National Guard; DA Civilian; and DA Civilian retired.  For those falling into one of these categories (and some even fall into two categories, such as a DA Civilian who also happens to be a member of the Army Reserve), the process for getting their AKO account and login is both easy and user friendly. http://akoarmymil.com/full-account-registration/

Registration is easy and begins at the www.us.army.mil website.  Once there, the individual needs to read the AKO agreement and click upon the “I Accept” button in order to proceed.  At this point the website will ask the individual if they wish to register with a CAC (Common Access Card) or if they wish to continue to register without a CAC, whichever one suits the individual.  Should the registration be done with a CAC then the individual needs to enter either the card’s PIN or select the proper certificate in order to continue with the creation of their AKO account.

Following this the website will ask for the individual’s social security number, or the individual’s foreign identification number.  Next the individual will need to enter either their Pay Entry Data Base (PEDB) number, or their birth date.  After this the individual will need to fill in all of their personal information and click on the ‘next’ button to continue after having double checked that all of the information is correct.

Once the information has been double checked and the next button has been clicked, one of two things will occur following the entry of an external (ie., a non-military email address such as google, hotmail, msn, etc.) email account.  Should the AKO system recognize and find the individual’s information in the database, then the following steps will come in a different order than those if no information was found concerning the person registering on AKO.

Registering an AKO Account?

First AKO will request that all pertinent contact information regarding the individual’s organization be filled in and the ‘next’ button clicked upon.  Next the person registering will be required to choose a password and several different requirements for this password’s formation will be listed (capital letters, numbers, symbols, etc.).  The password must fall into the guidelines required in order to proceed to the next step, which is the choosing of security questions.  Again, the individual registering needs to ensure that they follow the guidelines set forth by the AKO website.

Finally, with all of this done, the new AKO user needs to print up the confirmation screen that appears.  Most people just click and navigate away from this field, but this particular piece of information needs to be saved just in case there is a system crash, or, if the individual is stationed overseas, something happens to their computer.  With all of the fields filled in and the confirmation screen printed, the new user will find that within an average of fifteen to twenty minutes they’re new account will be accessible to them.  If, for some reason, more than thirty minutes have passed and the new user is still unable to access their new AKO account, then the individual needs to contact the AKO help desk and make sure that everything is as it should be.

Occasionally something will occur where a new user may need to validate their new AKO account.  When this is required the user will need to present three pieces of identification: their PEBD; their social security number; and their date of birth.  Following this the individual will need to provide the non-military email address they listed, their password, and answer the three security questions they had chosen before.  When this has been completed the new user will find that their AKO account will be available within fifteen minutes.

The AKO is an essential part to the intelligence and cohesiveness of today’s Army and its civilian support within the DoD.  It is essential, then, that everyone involved creates their AKO accounts as soon as possible, and with the step by step guide available on the www.us.army.mil website, creating this account will be easy and painless. http://akoarmymil.com/department-of-defense-dod-enterprise-email-information-page/