AKO Email more than 50 addresses

Within AKO/DKO webmail, you are only allowed to email up to 50 email addresses at a time. In order to email more people at a time, one option is to create a ‘My Group’ and add all the members of the group to it.

  1. Click on the ‘Groups’ button in the upper right of your AKO/DKO Homepage.
  2. Under the ‘Create’ section, select ‘Group’ and click ‘Next’.
  3. Choose ‘My’ as the Group Type, and click ‘Next’.
  4. Name your group, enter a description of your group, and click ‘Next’.
  5. After review of your name/description, click ‘Submit’.
  6. Under the “Member Users” tab, click “Add Multiple Members”
  7. Enter the AKO usernames of all the users you wish to add to the group and click “Add Users”

Once a ‘My Group’ has been created, and all the members have been added to the group, go to ‘Groups I Created’ in the ‘Groups’ link, open the group, and click on ‘Email Members’. This will allow you to write an email to the entire group.

Some things to know about emailing your group:

Attachments cannot be added to an email sent to a group. A suggestion is upload the file to a folder and refer members of the group to the folder.  Note: Members of the group will need to be added as members to the folder for the group to see the file.

If members of the group reply to the email, the email will go to the senders’ AKO/DKO account. More information about Enterprise Email can be found here and more information about AKO can be found here. The official website is here.