AKO CAC Smart Card Reader

SCM Microsystems USB Smart Card Reader (SCR3310) SGT111 DOD Military USB CAC Smart Card Reader
SCM SCR331 - SMART card reader - USB

SCM SCR3340 – SMART card reader $35.93 SGT111 DOD Military USB CAC $25.99 SCR331 – card reader USB $29.99
SCM’s SCR3340 ExpressCard reader represents the next generation of PC Card technology.
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Tried and true by thousands, the SGT111 is the industry standard smart card reader. Perfect for both mobile and desktop users.
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SCR331 smart card reader is the premier USB solution.
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What is a Common Access Card (CAC)

If you are actively going on duty as American personnel, you should have a Common Access Card (CAC).  Common Access Cards are made for identification purposes or for verifying the authenticity of a certain person so that he or she could connect and use DoD (Department of Defense) or AKO (Army Knowledge Online) facilities. Common Access Cards allow for encryption and access to online webmail like AKO Webmail cryptographically.

A Common Access Card is about the size of a credit card. The card acts like a smart card and contains all your identification.

This Common Access Card has plenty of applications such as physically allowing you to enter buildings, controlled network system, and grant you access to your online AKO Webmail. It serves as your token for the PKI (Public Key Infrastructure). Lastly, this card is unique since it lets you sign your messages on your email and encrypt it at the same time digitally. Common Access Cards also allow many processes to be automated such as allowing government personnel to check up on someone’s medical privileges.

There are still some problem with Common Access Cards. Since CAC has a microchip, it is actually vulnerable to damages, so proper maintenance of the card is essential to avoid making it unusable.

If you are interested on getting the best price for your CAC’s so that you can access your AKO Webmail, please click on the links above!

Troubleshooting and setup can information can be found on the CAC Card page.

Additional Information about Common Access Cards go to http://akoarmymil.com/common-access-cards/.

The official CAC page can be visited here.