AKO Army

What is an AKO Army Site?

  • http://akoarmymil.com/ consists of three integrated components: Group, Page and Files Community. These components are not interchangeable and any one component does not constitute a site.
  • A Group can be a contact list, an access control list, or a working group
  • A Page displays information and links and organizes documents.
  • Pages, Groups, and Folders can be restricted, shared with a Group, or open to the public.
  • A Files Community is used to store and share documents and images.
  • Please refer to AKO Army/DKO 102 – Managing a Site on the Portal Training Page for more detailed information.

What is an official Organization?

  • For http://akoarmymil.com/ako/ Army purposes, the Site Map lists all official organizational groups in hierarchical format. See AKO Army/DKO 201 – Organizational Sites for more detailed information.
  • As an administrator for a group/organization, you should first go to the Site Map and drill down through your command structure to find where your unit should be. If you are not visible on the Site Map, then you will need to have your group moved from its current location OR created by a group administrator at a higher organizational level.

What is an organizational group?

  • Organizational groups are groups which have a parent that is an official Army organization. These organizations are accessible from the Site Map. If your group (or parent group) does not have an assigned parent that is visible on the Site Map, then it will not be listed as an organizational group.
  • From your group properties page, scroll to the bottom and check the Parent box. If a parent is listed there, but is not visible on the AKO Army Site Map, the parent will need to be moved under its higher organizational group. You will need to contact the administrator of your parent to request action.
  • If no parent is listed for your group, you will need to have your group moved under your higher level organizational group. You will need to contact the administrator for your next higher level group to request assistance.
  • You (if the higher level administrator grants you administrative access) or the higher level administrator must be an administrator for both the child group that needs to be moved AND the parent group. On the child group’s properties page, click the Parent search box. You will be presented with options to choose an eligible parent for your group. Choose the appropriate group then click Update Group.
  • If the group you need to assign as parent to your group is not listed, then you do not have administrative rights to the parent group. Please contact that group’s administrator to request assistance.

I already have a group for my unit, why isn’t it on the Site Map?

  • Depending on how your group was created, it could either be a team or community group. If the creator was not an administrator of an official Army group, they would not have the permissions to create your group within the Army organizational group structure (i.e. Site Map).
  • You will need to contact your next higher command (that appears on the Site Map), to have the administrator move your group under the organization. This person is often the unit’s Information Management Officer (IMO) or in the S6 office. NOTE: You can view administrators by going to the group properties page then click Files Organization. Mouse over a files community name and click Community Options > View Administrators. Send a message to one of the admins listed to request assistance.
  • Once your group has an organizational group assigned as its parent, it will be considered an organizational group and will appear on the AKO Army Site Map. NOTE: You must be an administrator of both the group that needs to be moved and the receiving parent group in order to make that change. Therefore, you may need to add the higher admin to your group so that person can place your group in the correct hierarchy.

My unit has a files section, why it doesn’t show up on the Site Map? (Or in the same chain as my group on the Site Map?)

  • Your files area may have been created without an associated group (prior to current policy) and is therefore an orphan. Because this is the case for many organizations, AKO Army implemented a change in the way files communities can be created.
  • Orphaned files communities can be associated with an existing organizational group by the portal administrator team. Once that group/files association is set, your files community will appear in the same hierarchical structure (in the files area) as your organization on the Site Map. Please email ako.community@us.army.mil to have your existing group and files community association updated.

How do I create a files area for my unit’s group?

  • New files communities can be created one of two ways: using the Create a Site Wizard, or from a group properties page.
  • The site wizard process will create all three components of an AKO Army Site linked together (group, page and files community). Use this option for specific team or community groups that would not appear on the Site Map. NOTE: If you are an organizational group administrator, you will have the option to create a new organizational site that will appear on the Site Map under your parent organization. You will only be able to create sites below the level of your highest administrative rights. See the Organizational Site Creation checklist for more information.
  • If you are an administrator of an existing group with no associated files area, the group properties page will display a button to create a new linked Files Organization. If it is an organizational group, then your new files area will be visible in the same hierarchical structure as on the Site Map.