AKO Army Knowledge Online

What is AKO Army Knowledge Online?

Army Knowledge Online (Also Called AKO) is the U.S. Army’s private intranet. It is the biggest intranet in the world. The secure intranet is accessed through the Army’s public web page. All soldiers must sign up for an AKO account.

http://akoarmymil.com/army-knowledge-online-ako/(Army Knowledge Online information) is one of the finest resources for today’s Army’s Modern Warrior.  AKO is available not only to the men and women of the Army serving in various posts around the United States and the world at large, but to Army retirees and their family members of both active and retired service members as well.  The basic function of the AKO is to serve both the pre-eminent intranet service – and a single portal entry – for the United States Army.

The AKO is a tremendously useful system, not only for the soldiers and their families, but for members of the Department of Defense (DoD) as well.  The AKO links all of these various elements – civilian workers, family members, and Army service men and women – and allows them access to a wide variety of services, such as records, classes, accounts, and webmail.  Registration on the AKO system is a requisite of all Army personnel upon enlistment.  It is through this registration that today’s modern warrior will create an account and a login password that will enable them access to all of their private information regardless of whether they’re stationed at Fort Sill, OK, or a forward observation post in Afghanistan.

AKO’s Security

To access AKO, military personel must have a Common Access Card (or CAC for short) as well as a personal identification number.

Users logging in must also answer 3 out of 15 personal questions which further validate that they are who they say they are.

Who gets to use AKO’s Intranet?

Over 2 million registered users access AKO’s intranet. Active Duty members and their family members make up the majority of the users who access AKO.

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